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– “StockRing app is THE best app to check real-time Stock Market conditions.”
– “Great app for active traders who need Buy-Sell-Hold Stock Recommendations.”
– “The fact that I receive Daily BUY and SELL alerts for over 5,000 stocks is just fantastic!!”

StockRing is a 2-year-old California startup that created an app that simplifies stock research and portfolio management to just a few seconds a day. That’s right. Our users can open an app, within seconds find all problem stocks in their portfolios, get rid of them, and within seconds find new excellent stocks to replace just sold ones.

How do we do it? Well it is incredible! Instead of presenting users with mountains of data, spreadsheets, charts, and other endless crap we invite them to play a game. Yes, our App is more like a game, than a financial tool.

StockRing is a server-based video game with clearly defined rules and limitations. Users start playing the game by pushing “Plus” buttons and “Minus” buttons. When they push “Plus” button they “buy” the stock and when they push “Minus” button they sell the stock. There are a few more buttons in the game such “Like”, “Dislike”, etc. When users push these other buttons then stocks are added or deleted to other “wish” portfolios for future reference.

In regular video game users usually play by themselves against other users without any help. In StockRing video game users always play with the help of StockRing Cloud Server that monitors each user’s portfolio and constantly analyses them for bad investments. Once a problem stock or stocks are detected user receives a personalized push notification alert on their phone or iPad telling them to Sell problematic stocks at certain prices. Also, users could see problems inside off their StockRing Video game and quickly react to them by pushing a “Minus” button and basically Selling the problematic stocks.

Also, StockRing Cloud Server helps users to find new stocks to buy within seconds for their portfolios. In other words, a user could literally assemble an excellent portfolio out of 20-30 stocks within 20-30 seconds! And it would be fun too – since users will be playing a video game.

So, basically we offer to the users a fun game to play and at the same time manage their portfolios like the best stock traders on wall street – all while playing a video game on their phones and iPads.

Get StockRing  iPhone App  &  Android App

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